Govind Nihalani pays homage to Om Puri

Om Puri (Photo courtesy: Bollywood Tabloid)
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Panaji–Filmmaker Govind Nihalani, who has worked with Om Puri in films like “Aakrosh” and “Tamas”, on Friday paid homage to the late actor at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI).

Their film “Ardh Satya” was screened here.

Commenting on Om Puri’s rise, Nihalani said: “I would actually like to correct the misconception. It is not me or anyone else that made Om what he is today. In fact, it was Om who made me a person of interest with other filmmakers. On this note, I would like to pay homage to Om because this was a vision we brought forward together.”

Om Puri

Om Puri’s son Ishaan Puri spoke about The Om Puri Foundation.

“My father came from a humble background. The Om Puri Foundaion has decided to launch fellowships and scholarships in his name. The foundation will be providing a fellowship to the National School of Drama, which made him what he is and the Film and Television Institute of India, where we will be handing our scholarships.

“Apart from that, the Om Puri grant will be given to struggling filmmakers who don’t have the means to showcase their films. And, a personal quest for my father as he was a farmer in his childhood, he couldn’t do much for them in his lifetime. The foundation will be helping them in whatever small way we can by providing aid,” said Ishaan. (IANS)


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