Give a tipsy twist to your Christmas party

Smirnoff Spritz
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NEW DELHI–Add some fresh fruit zing or just stay true to the classics with innovative cocktail recipes on your Christmas party.

Lam Chi Mun, director of Diageo Bar Academy, Asia Pacific, shares exciting recipes to create tasty concoctions for the festive season:

Smirnoff Spritz
Smirnoff Spritz

* Smirnoff melon passion: A fresh fruit-themed cocktail to add zest and freshness to the seasonÂ’s most exciting brunch parties


– Smirnoff Red – 60 ml

– Watermelon – 4 to 5 chunks

– Monin Passion Fruit Syrup- 15 ml

– Lime Juice- 10 ml

Preparation: Muddle watermelon; add Smirnoff Red, Monin Passion Fruit syrup and lime juice to your shaker. Add ice and shake. Finely strain into a martini glass. Garnish the beautiful drink with a crisp watermelon wedge.

* Smirnoff spritz: A fun drink that will lend spice to a sundowner party


– Smirnoff Red- 50 ml

– Cranberry Juice – 45 ml

– Lime Juice – 15 ml

– Tonic Water – top up

– Cinnamon Sticks – 1 to 2

Preparation: In a wine glass, add Smirnoff Red and cinnamon sticks. Add ice, cranberry juice, lime juice and top it off with tonic water. DonÂ’t forget to garnish your drink with an aromatic cinnamon stick.

* Black & White Jag Sour: This classic drink with an extra twist will definitely be the highlight of your party.

Black & White Jag Sour
Black & White Jag Sour


– Black & White Whisky – 50 ml

– Jaggery Syrup- 15 ml

– Lime Juice – 20 ml

– Egg White- 1/2 no

– Angostura Bitters- 1 dash

Preparation: Add Black & White Whisky, jaggery syrup, lime juice, egg white and angostura bitters in a shaker. Give it a shake with lots of ice. Pour the concoction into an old-fashioned glass. Garnish this classic drink with a cocktail cherry.


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