Geeta Kapur talks about Sonali Bendre, Indian dance going global

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New Delhi– Ace choreographer Geeta Kapur, who is seen among the panel of judges with Terence Lewis and Sonali Bendre on the dance reality show, ‘India’s Best Dancer Season 3’, shared how she felt about judging the show along with Sonali whom she had previously choreographed.

Geeta also talked about the newness she is looking at in the third season and her friendship with Terence.

Talking about working with Sonali, she said: “Working with such an artist is always a humble experience. Sitting next to her is a mix of unreal and surreal because I feel like I really came to this place to sit next to her. I will say that I am always humbled to sit next to those who are so great in their own way, and I feel like I didn’t get there, but I have the opportunity to sit next to them.”

After having judged the previous seasons of ‘India’s Best Dancer’, she was asked what new she is looking at the contestants in this season.

She said: “I think many dancers get lost in just learning art or dance forms and lose their personality somewhere in between when we watch our Bollywood movies and look at ionic characters like Madhuri Dixit or SRK. That’s why I want to see a dancer who also brings out his unique personality through the dance form.”

Speaking about judging the show with Terence again and her friendship with him, she said: “The equation is different because we are friends, we grew out of two random people who came from two different places and are now very close. We did so many shows together and also created a nice bond. We try to create a nice bond in the meeting and I like to sit in the panel and love pulling his leg. He doesn’t mind me joking with him.”

When it comes to the global dance scene, how do you map Indian dance styles?

She replied: “I am happy to say that we are now on the world map because people welcome us, our artistes and our dance form. And we are really happy to see our culture projected all over the world.” (IANS)


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