Follow some morning rituals for a healthy day

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New Delhi – Beginning your day on the right note is extremely important and hence it is necessary to follow some basic rituals like looking sharp and sweating it out for that confidence.

Experts at Gillette dole out tips on how one can control their day by following five morning rituals.

* Sweat it out: Nothing like a morning workout to boost your metabolism and stay energetic for the rest of the day. A walk, a run, a tennis match, a swim, pick one that works well with your body clock and fitness levels.

* Eat right: A power breakfast can put you in the right mood to tackle the day’s biggest tasks.

* Look sharp: Start your day with a close, precise shave and a sharp dress code. How you look makes a world of difference to your confidence. Look, feel and perform your best every day.

* Say no to distractions: Invest your time on social media instead of spending it. Say yes to everything that improves the quality of your work and say no to social media notifications that distract you from your productive morning routine.

* Plan ahead: Experts believe in ‘power hour’, an hour dedicated to planning your day and tackling the biggest and most difficult task.


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