Fear is a basic life instinct: Author Sunit Gajbhiye on horror genre

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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– Pune-based author-entrepreneur Sunit Gajbhiye, who has recently released his fiction novel “Untamed Origins”, a survival thriller with a ghost mystery, says what excites him about this genre is that “fear is one of the basic instincts in life and it gives you the thrill”.

The book is published by Vishwakarma Publications. It is a thrilling piece of fiction that narrates a mysterious journey of two friends and their will and efforts to survive, as they get caught amidst a ghost-village, Vaghan, which is a village controlled by mortal Gods.

“People worshipped the leaders and followed them till the end of the world but a series of unknown and ghastly ghost-murders have caused them to lose faith in people and their gods alike. The two boys are dragged into a tussle they never should have been a part of. Will they survive this twisted escapade? As they struggle to find their way out, they discover a secret deep within themselves, although, is it enough to help them survive this ordeal,” reveals the book synopsis.

An IANSlife chat with the author:

From a background in finance to writing books in the horror/ghost genre, how did you make the latter happen?

Sunit: Writing has always been a passion driven hobby. After a hard working professional day, I focus on writing during the night. Dwelling into the unknown, mysterious world drives this passion and hence the outcome of my work turns out to be a mystery, survival thriller.

What’s your creative process like? What’s your literary muse?

Sunit: Stories in our societies are an inspiration to me. There is a lot more horror in reality around us than we see in movies. I aim to bring these evils of our society in light and end them through my work.

Please tell us how you created ‘Untamed Origins’

Sunit: The story started with me wanting to write about atrocities in our society and expose these facts to civilised, urban people who, in an average life span, would not be aware of the evils that still exist in our society. Untamed Origins narrates a mysterious journey of two friends, Manas and Rishi, who are caught in a ghost-village named Vaghan where people are demanding their life as a sacrifice. They find themselves engaging with wildlife and encountering ghosts as well. I wanted to ensure that thriller fans out there would not be disappointed once they get in this roller coaster ride which only ends up wanting for more.

What excites you about this genre?

Sunit: Fear is one of the basic instincts in life and it gives you the thrill. The thriller as a genre ensures that our emotions arise and as a reader we are entertained in parallel. When it comes to writing, I could not have written anything else as I have been an admirer from childhood of thrillers, mystery and horror.

Your favourite horror authors?

Sunit: If it’s horror, the king is Stephen King. But it’s not just horror Mario Puzo’s Godfather is my favourite. (IANS)


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