Bookends: Engaging tales for children this summer

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Summer vacations have just started and what can be a better way than spending the hot afternoons with these engaging children’s stories?

There’s a three-book collection by Ruskin Bond with bright illustrations; a tale of two identical children and their friendship; a young girl’s struggle to live at her grandparents’ place during the summer break; and a compelling and intriguing anthology by Indian writers for young readers. Here’s what the IANS bookshelf offers for the weekend. Read on!

Book-Cricket for the Crocodile1. Books: Cricket for the Crocodile, Earthquake, Dust on the Mountain; Author: Ruskin Bond; Publisher: Penguin; Price: Rs.175 (for set); Pages: 48, 65, 64

A cricket team annoys Nakoo, the crocodile, as the cricketers crowd near the river bank that belongs to it. Nakoo, being irritated, decides to take revenge; Rakesh and his family become a victim when their own house comes down like a pack of cards after a disastrous earthquake hits Shillong; a boy’s longing for his little village in the Himalayas when he starts residing at Mussoorie and works to earn his livelihood, making him realise the harsh realities.

Presented in a pack of three, Ruskin Bond’s set is enhanced with colourful illustrations that make the books more alluring to read. Not just children, the books are equally entertaining for people of all ages to read.

2. Book: Red Kite Adventure; Author: Leela Gour Broome; Publisher: Penguin; Price: Rs.250; Pages: 223

Finding deep resemblance with each other, Veer and Arzaan start exchanging stories that deepens their friendship via messenger pigeons.

But their joyous ride comes to an abrupt halt when Veer is kidnapped and Arzaan is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to rescue his friend. Will their bond be enough to save them or is there only so much two young boys can do? Read on to know!

3. Book: Asmara’s Summer; Author: Andaleeb Wajid; Publisher: Penguin; Price: Rs.199; Pages: 227

Asmara is smart, sassy and popular in college. She, however, carries a secret that could absolutely destroy her image in college.

Left to stay for a month with her grandparents in a conservative, not-so-posh part of town with claustrophobic houses and fashion disasters, Asmara finds hard to spend her entire summer vacation there. Funny, filmy and wildly entertaining, this book for young adults will send you into fits of giggles.

4. Book: Words to Live by; Edited by Deepa Agarwal; Publisher: Hachette; Price: Rs.399; Pages: 248

Compiled by Deepa Agarwal, the book is a timeless collection of the most highly-regarded non-fiction writings by Indian writers for young writers.

The only anthology of its kind for children, this is a rich, colorful and lively gathering of the nation’s finest and original thinkers and writers, leaders and opinion makers, naturalists and adventurers, scientists and culture experts.


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