Dr. Geeta Trivedi: A Life of Caring

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woy-outstanding-logoDr. Geeta Trivedi most recently served as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Indian Medical Association of New England. Prior to that, she was Treasurer and President of IMANE as the nation’s one of the oldest organizations of physicians of the Indian-origin.

Geeta Trivedi-WOYTrivedi is an anesthesiologist at Same Day Surgi Clinic in Fall River, MA. She came to the US in 1971 and completed her residency in Anesthesiology at Cambridge City Hospital, Harvard University in 1974.

In 1990, Trivedi’s youngest son Dhaval was diagnosed with leukemia, which led her to resign from Sancta Maria Hospital and do contract work, to provide her the flexibility to care for her family and son’s medical needs. In 2001, Trivedi took on a full-time position at Same Day Surgi Clinic where she continues to spend her days.

INDIA New England News: Please tell our readers about your work and what you enjoy most about it?

Geeta Trivedi: I am an anesthesiologist, and love taking care of patients. I enjoy meeting my patients and being able to calm their fears. I appreciate the challenges that arise when providing the proper treatment and support for the patients.

INE: To which charitable, community and professional group do you belong and why?

GT: I have volunteered for the Indian Medical Association of New England and served as Treasurer, President, and most recently as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. I believe in the growth of medical professionals and love meeting new and young professionals in my community.

I volunteer for Saheli and supporting social activities, because of I’m passionate that no one should live in fear of mental, physical or financial abuse.

I also work at Shree Dwarkamai Wellness Center, because I believe in providing healthcare to those who are not able to attain quality healthcare due to language barriers or economic obstacles. I provide free medical consultation at our office at CCA and Pain Center in Stoneham, MA; because providing free medical screenings to the community is my ability to give back to the community.

I am also US Representative for Blind People’s Association in Ahmedabad (BPA), India; to honor my late brother and founder of BPA Jagdish Patel.

INE: What are your hobbies and interests?

GT: I enjoy listening to Indian music and devotional songs. I keep my mind sharp by playing Sudoku and doing word searches. I like relaxing at home and spending time with my children and grandchildren.

INE: In what way you feel you have most positively influenced or served the local community and your company/organization and professional field.

GT: Through my career, I have mentored young physicians and nurses. I am the first to volunteer my services at health fairs and free clinics. I am always available to sit in a hospital waiting room supporting family, friends and community members during difficult times.

INE: Your rare talent?

GT: I am strong and calm in a crisis

INE: Your favorite books?

GT: “Living with faith and religion – the way of life,” First book of Father C G Valles Sadachar

INE: Your favorite quotes?

GT: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”   Dr. Seuss

INE: Who inspires you the most?

GT: My oldest brother, Jagdish K. Patel, became blind at the age of 8. After completing his graduate degree in 1954 he founded the Blind Peoples Association of Ahmedabad and devoted his life to helping and educating the disabled community so they may secure employment, have families and further contribute to society.

INE: Your core value you try to live by?

GT: Compassion, Honesty, Kindness, Respect


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