Dell Brings a Chapter of Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network to India

Amit Midha
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Singapore– Fascinated by stories of entrepreneurial Indian women, Dell Technologies recently brought in a chapter of Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) to India to support women entrepreneurs by giving them access to global networks, capital source, knowledge and technology.

Amit Midha, President APJ Commercial EVP, Global Digital Cities, Dell Technologies told IANS: “It is absolutely fantastic to see women entrepreneurs creating jobs and employment with the lowest collateral and then sustaining their businesses successfully by overcoming all kinds of challenges. Looking at this amazing quality of theirs, we want them to get a much bigger role. We also want them to get perspectives on policy, infrastructure and human connection,” he added.

The penetration of smartphones in rural areas can definitely help the women entrepreneurs from tier 4 and 5 cities and villages to be a part of this transition, he added.

Dell launched DWEN Chapter in India in the first week of July to ensure smooth flow of more number of start-up success stories from the India market, Midha said on the sidelines of DWEN 2019, the 10 meeting of DWEN in Singapore recently.

Referring to India’s micro-financing statistics, he said: “These stats bespeak fantastic stories of women’s business spirit. With the lowest default rate, the female entrepreneurs usually pay back on time which proves how responsible they are in managing finances in India. If you lend thousand rupees to a woman in rural area, she is sure to pay it back without holding back any amount. In fact, the default rate is quite less in rural bank accounts of women than in the urban banks.”

Midha also sounded positive on the stable government formation in India and said that next 10 years can be a great time for startups and business in the country.

Karen Quintos, Chief Customer Officer, Dell Technologies told IANS: “Women really want to make a difference in today’s times; they want to give it back to community while doing a good business. Hence DWEN chapter has reached India to give them a well defined platform place to boost their confidence.”

“Over last 10 years, we have seen how women have been wanting access to capital, technology and network and hence we are here to support them. We also want governments of different nations to understand that women entrepreneurs comprise an important segment and they should be provided with all support,” she added.

Quintos also expressed her worry over safety and security of women in India, which she said, was a concern for Indian women entrepreneurs as well. “I will be in India in October and spend some time there to understand how we can help the women entrepreneurs there to resolve their challenges,” she added.

Tian Beng Ng, SVP & GM, Channel – APJ, Dell Technologies, said: “Women entrepreneurs are quite important in building a country’s economy. In today’s time, women are starting business at exponential rates across the globe and hence we have DWEN to give them a stable platform.”

“In DWEN 2019, Delhi and Bengaluru have been shortlisted among the 50 global cities in 2019 Women Entrepreneur Cities (WE Cities) Index released in Singapore; these cities have found place in the list based on their ability to foster growth for women entrepreneurs,” he added.

Dell Technologies has been ranking cities since 2010 based on the impact of local policies, programmes and characteristics in addition to national laws and customs to help improve support for women entrepreneurs and the overall economy. “These 50 cities are ranked on five important characteristics, including access to capital, technology, talent, culture and markets,” said Ng.

While Delhi ranked 50, Bengaluru occupied the 43rd rank in the index. “We are open to include more cities soon in the coming time depending on certain factors such as the impact of local policies, programmes and national laws and customs to help improve support for women entrepreneurs and the overall economy, said Midha.

Shedding light on the women entrepreneurship scenario in India, Sheenam Ohrie, Vice President – Dell Digital, Dell Technologies, said: “By 2025, 16 per cent of India’s GDP ($3 trillion) is expected to come from the women work force.” (IANS)


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