China defends Pakistan against terrorism barb of Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
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By Gaurav Sharma

Beijing– A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi dubbed Pakistan the “mothership of terrorism, China on Monday said its “all-weather” friend Islamabad had made great sacrifices to combat terrorism.

Defending Pakistan against Modi’s barb, Beijing said it was opposed to linking terrorism with any specific religion or community.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“We oppose linking terrorism with any specific ethnicity or religion. This is our long-standing position. China and Pakistan are all-weather friends,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told the media.

“Everyone knows that India and Pakistan are victims of terrorism. Pakistan has made huge efforts and great sacrifices in fighting terrorism. I think the international community should respect this,” she added.

Asked about India’s accusation that Pakistan supplies arms to terrorist outfits, Hua said: “I understand your concern.”

She said China maintained a consistent position on terrorism and believed that India and Pakistan should resolve their disputes amicably.

On Sunday, at the gathering of BRICS Summit, Modi called Pakistan the “mothership of terrorism”.

“In our own region, terrorism poses a grave threat to peace, security and development. Tragically, the mothership of terrorism is a country in India’s neighbourhood,” Modi had said.

China has defended Pakistan in the past as well.

Beijing’s opposition to India’s effort to declare Pakistan-based militant Masood Azhar as a terrorist has caused concerns in New Delhi.


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