Saturday, August 8, 2020

MIT Professor Mavalvala explains Einstein’s gravitational waves in 2010 (with video)

CAMBRIDGE, MA— MIT Professor Nergis Mavalvala, whose research focuses on interferometric Gravitational Waves and Quantum Measurement, played a role in the detection of Einstein’s...

Uranus’ unusual properties due to ancient giant icy impact

Tokyo-- Early in the history of our solar system, Uranus was struck by a small icy planet -- roughly 1-3 times the mass of...

Five professors among Infosys Prize winners

Bengaluru-- Five eminent professors and a director were selected for the Infosys Prize 2017, said the software major's Science Foundation on Wednesday. "A six-member jury...

Global warming reaches ocean depths, threatens deep-sea life

Sydney-- Even though the deeper layers of the ocean are warming at a slower pace than the surface, animals living in the deep ocean...

Space exploration critical for our survival: Bezos

San Francisco-- While Elon Musk-led SpaceX always stays in limelight, world's richest person Jeff Bezos' aerospace company Blue Origin is fast catching up because...

Researchers identify 9 genes behind eyebrow colours

Beijing-- An international research team has for the first time identified nine genes responsible for eyebrow colours. Eyebrow colour is one of the most recognisable...

Researchers reveal how cancer cells escape from tumors and spread

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Scientists identify gene that helps treat cancer

Canberra-- The gene that strengthens the human immunity system has been identified by Australian scientists, it was revealed on Monday. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial...

Virus-infected bacteria can aid in fight against climate change

New York-- Viruses do not always kill their microbial hosts, say researchers who found that virus-infected bacteria could thus provide help in the fight...

How are elephants protected from cancer?

New York-- Researchers have identified a "zombie" gene that protects elephants from cancer, a finding that may also pave way for a new treatment...
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