Bookends: A partition saga, the dark world of business, some bread-making

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The partition of India in 1947 changed the lives of many people. Here’s a book that takes readers deep inside the ordinary lives affected by partition; then, a journey into the murky depths of the Indian stock market where money is the only language.

There’s also a recipe book for food lovers who love to experiment with breads, naans and rotisa brooding; and finally, a tale of a 17-year-old girl who dwells along with her dual life and a troubled past. There’s so much that the IANS bookshelf has to offer this week. Read on!

Books-An Unrestored Woman and other stories1. Book: An Unrestored Woman and other stories; Author: Shobha Rao; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 242; Price: Rs 399

Based on the era of partition of India, the book showcases fearless stories of ordinary people, leaving ripples of sorrow through time and space. Each couplet of stories spans the Indian subcontinent, from refugee camps and torched trains to the spacious verandas of the Raj-era bungalows.

The book is a saga of emotions created amidst barriers, boundaries and nations; a journey into the centre of the only place that matters – the human heart.

2. Book: Insider; Author: R.V. Raman; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 347; Price: Rs 350

Shashi Kurva is a self-made businessman and one of the most successful CEOs who finds himself falsely trapped in a trading scandal. Stunned by this, Kurva desperately attempts to prove himself innocent and identify the real culprit – only to stumble upon a conspiracy that hits far too close to home.

The book is a gritty tale of duplicity and avarice, manipulation and murder that races between the boardroom, a stockbroking firm and a shattered family.

3. Book: Crumbs! Bread Stories and Recipes; Author: Saee Koranne Khandekar; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 256; Price: Rs 450

Have you thought how wonderful it might be to make a soft hot naan or bite into the light puffiness of freshly baked brioche at home? Saee Koranne-Khandekar’s recipe book is a treasure for those who love to make different dishes out of same ingredients.

The book also recounts her journey of becoming a bread-maker and hand-holds the average yeast-fearing home cook through the deliciously satisfying experience of putting bread on the table.

4. Book: I See You; Author: Karishma Attari; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 306; Price: Rs 299

Alia, a 17-year-old girl who has just returned to Mumbai from boarding school, wants to lead a simple life as nobody is aware of her true identity and her troubled past. All that stands between her and happiness is Bobby, a malevolent child ghost.

Alia’s double-life is in jeopardy and simple is no longer an option. She must face up to the dark pact her Bollywood stepfather and brittle mother made. Will she be able to solve all her problems?


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