Bihar parents urge govt to bring back their children from Ukraine

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Patna– Two more families in Bihar have requested the Indian government to conduct rescue operations in the war-torn Ukraine and bring back their children.

Subham Mishra, a resident of Maner, who went to Ukraine’s Kharkiv to study medical science, is trapped in the war zone.

Mishra is a student of Kharkiv Medical College. He is currently staying at a metro station in Kiev, and is said to be safe.

His father Rajesh Mishra told IANS: “We have contacted him through WhatsApp in the morning hours and he said that he is safe and sound and staying in a metro station. He informed me that the situation is extremely bad there. He has only one packet of biscuit and one bottle of water in this bag.”

“The biggest concern for us is low temperature. In the night, the temperature goes into minus 20 degree Celsius these days. In these adverse circumstances, it is extremely difficult to stay in the metro station,” Mishra told IANS.

Meanwhile, another man from Katihar also requested the government to ensure safety of his daughter, Nidhi Jha.

“My daughter is staying in Kiev, and is safe. We requested the government to rescue Indian students from the war zone. She is a third year medical student. We are extremely scared due to the war between Russia and Ukraine,” said Chandrashekher Jha.

Earlier in the day, the family members of a student Ankit Kumar Shah had requested the Indian government to start a rescue operation in Ukraine. (IANS)



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