Best-Selling Author and Physician Dr. Sanjiv Chopra to Keynote Mega Health Expo: Invitation to Good Health and Lasting Happiness

Sanjiv Chopra (Rose Lincoln}/Harvard Staff Photographer)
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BURLINGTON, MA— Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, MD, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, a thinker, best-selling author and a motivational speaker, will make the keynote address at the 5th Annual Health, Fitness and Wellness Expo 2017 on March 5 at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA. He will speak on:  “An Invitation to Good Health and Lasting Happiness.”

“I am excited to be invited back again as the keynote speaker,” said Dr. Chopra, adding that his talk, in essence, will draw upon the research and wisdom culled from his recently published book “The Big Five” and his upcoming book “Happiness and Living with Purpose.”

Sanjiv Chopra, M.B.B.S., M.A.C.P. is the Faculty Dean for Continuing Medical Education at the Harvard University Medical School. {Rose Lincoln}/Harvard Staff Photographer

Upendra Mishra, producer of the Health, Fitness and Wellness Expo 2017, said that Dr. Chopra has also graciously offered to autograph any copies of The Big Five at the event after his keynote.

“This is going to be a complete health, fitness and wellness mecca for everyone for a day,” said Mishra. “Most importantly, it is a free event for all attendees and is supported by our numerous exhibitors and sponsors.”

The 2017 Expo is produced by INDIA New England News in collaboration with INE MultiMedia, a non-profit organization that promotes art, culture, education and empowerment through interviews, workshops, seminars and multimedia presentations and documentaries.The main sponsors of the expo are Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, which has been ranked among America’s highest-rated private health plans, and Lahey Health.

“In addition to our regular panels and workshops, this year we have added Chiropratic and traditional Chinese martial arts such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi,” Mishra said. “The goal of the expo is to offer a holistic outlook at health, fitness, wellness, peace and happiness.”

Mishra said that on lasting happiness and health, Dr. Chopra is one of the best speakers  and authority in the country.

Dr. Chopra has written eight books, his most recent one is: The Big Five: Five simple things you can do to live a healthier and longer life. The book was published in 2016. It has received singular advanced praise: “Sage , succinct and easy to follow advice on how to live healthier that could save billions in health care costs ,” says Dr. Vikas Sukhatme, Victor J Aresty Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School. Adds spiritual guru Deepak Chopra: “This book could have been called The Lazy Persons Guide to Health and Longevity.”

His upcoming book “Happiness and Living with Purpose” is co-authored with Gina Vild, Associate Dean of  External Communications at  Harvard Medical School. It will be published this year by Saint Martin’s  Press.

This talk by Dr. Chopra , in essence, will draw upon the research and wisdom culled from these two books . He has also graciously offered to autograph any copies of The Big Five at the event.

Dr. Chopra is professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.  He is also the James Tullis Firm Chief in the Department of Medicine and a Senior Consultant in Hepatology at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston. He served as Faculty Dean for Continuing Education at Harvard Medical School for 12 years.

Dr. Chopra’s book, “Dr. Chopra Says:  Medical Facts and Myths Everyone Should Know,” co-authored with Dr. Alan Lotvin, was published in January of 2011. His book, “Leadership by Example:  The Ten Key Principles of all Great Leaders” was published by St. Martins Press in May of 2012. His brother Deepak Chopra and he have written a double memoir:  “Brotherhood:  Dharma, Destiny and the American Dream,” published May 21, 2013.  It is a national best seller.

In an interview in 2015, Dr. Chopra, along with his colleague Adrian Wilkins, talks about what brings happiness and who is responsible for one’s happiness.


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