Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi Pednekar and Dia Mirza join #jaagore


New Delhi– From domestic help, your driver to your gardener, unsung heroes make life easier every day. Getting them vaccinated is as important as getting yourselves vaccinated. Bollywood’s celebrities Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi Pednekar and Dia Mirza have joined hands to show their support towards vaccinating their support staff.

The actors urge people #SabkeLiye #JaagoRe and have come together to take the Tata Tea #SabKeLiye #JaagoRe pledge. Urging people to join the movement through social media videos and tips, they encourage people to step up for lesser privileged people around us.

In his call for support actor Ayushmann Khurrana states in video, “We have many heroes in our lives to lend their hand of support to help us daily. They take care of us, protect us and make our lives comfortable but times like these who is taking care of their safety. They can anyone like our security, drivers, cook or housekeepers. They may be facing challenges to book an appointment, or they may have a few myths about vaccine. So it’s our duty to spread the correct information and keep them protected as well by helping them get vaccinated. When I booked slots for my family, I ensured that I do the same for my support staff too. It’s my responsibility towards them and their family. Join me in taking the pledge to lend a hand of support to all those who have been relentlessly supporting us every day. They need our assistance to get vaccine against covid 19. No one is safe until everyone is safe. Please pledge your support by logging in www.jaagore.com/ — Iss Baar Sab Ke Liye Jaago Re.”

Actor Dia Mirza too emphatically speaks her heart in the video, “I wanted to share something that is of the utmost importance. It’s about helping those who help us every day to get access to vaccination. People like our security guards, who stays up all night to protect us, our cook, who are at our doorstep at 6am every morning or our driver who knows to set these AC temperature at or knows we don’t like air conditioning, they do a lot to ensure we are safe, comfortable and free to all that we want in our lives. It’s time now for us to step up and ensure that they are registered for their vaccination and are well informed about all the necessary precautions they need to take. They need our support and our guidance. Please visit the link in my bio and take the pledge and find out how you can help your support staff on the JaagoRe website. Remember no one is safe until everyone is safe! Iss Baar Sab Ke Liye Jaago Re.”

Bhumi Pednekar reminisces memories of starting her day with didi’s chai and now it’s his time to help her and states, “We have to fight with Corona together and that is why vaccination for all is my next goal… Let’s lend a hand of support to our helping hands by assisting them to get vaccinated against covid-19…” (IANS)


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