Ayushi Khurana talks about marital differences shown in ‘Ajooni’

Ayushi Khurana
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Mumbai–¬†Ayushi Khurana, currently seen in the TV show ‘Ajooni’ said that the ongoing track reflects the differences between the lead characters Ajooni(Ayushi) and Rajveer(Shoaib Ibrahim) in their marriage and how they are trying to sort it out.

She said: “A marriage is about giving each other equal support and respect. Ajooni and Rajveer are two different individuals who have polar opposite thought processes but when such different souls come together in a holy bond like marriage the key to make it successful is by showing respect to each other and treating them equally.”

In the sequence, Rajveer is seen supporting Ayushi when she was forced to drink the water with which her mother-in-law’s feet were washed.

“As we saw in the latest episodes, Rajveer decides to take a stand for Ajooni by supporting her after she is forced to drink the water which Ajooni uses to wash her mother-in-law’s feet as a punishment. It was a brave act by Rajveer to support his wife in such circumstances,” she added.

Khurana asserts that marriage is all about mutual understanding and supporting each other when needed and this is what the show is trying to bring out through the chemistry of Ajooni and Rajveer.

She explained: “A goal in a marriage is to always stand by each other no matter what the situation. Ajooni and Rajveer are trying to understand each other and support each other in every way possible but sometimes such situations occur which force them to go against each other. But what matters in the end is how they both overcome these situations and always be in support of each other and give each other that respect in marriage.”

‘Ajooni’ airs on Star Bharat. (IANS)



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