Asian Art Gallery Brings Spring 2016 Show: Empathy & Expressions celebrating 80 years of Dhiraj Choudhury

Dhiraj with Santhana
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CHELMSFORD, MA—The Asian Art Gallery, a social enterprise with a mission to promote emerging and senior artists from South East Asia, is bringing its spring show called “Empathy & Expressions” on Saturday, May 14th, in Chelmsford, MA.

Dhiraj Art
Dhiraj Art

The show will feature one of India’s legendary contemporary artist Dhiraj Choudhury’s 80 years of infinite expressions. Choudhury, born in 1936 in the middle of India’s struggle for freedom, absorbed the realities of life in those tough times. Over the years, the angry young painter has mellowed into a teddy-bear-like man who is at peace with himself, but veteran artist Dhiraj Choudhury has lost none of his zest for life.

His works reflect not only those realities but also hint at the influence that revolutionaries like Khudiram Bose, Aurobindo Ghosh, Rasbihari Bose, Subhash Chandra Bose, had on his life. Every work of his is a play in progress, the characters living their part on his canvas, according to organizers.

“I turn 80 in 2016 and we’re starting the celebrations outside of India for ‘Dhiraj 80’ in Boston with this show at Asian Art Gallery,” says Choudhury, who will be in the city for 10 days in May. “This exhibition gives glimpses of my work over the years, the different media I have used and the changes in themes and style.”

Dhiraj Art 2-sChoudhury’s work was displayed with that of Spanish artists Salvadore Dali and Joan Miro in Geneva in the late 1970s.  He also taught at the College of Art, New Delhi, from 1961 to 1996.

“We are very fortunate to have Dhiraj come to Boston and celebrate his 80th birthday with us,” said Santhana Krishnan of the first-ever solo show of Dhiraj in the US. “A large part of his time is now taken up by his creativity and concern for humanity project.  He is trying to bring together people from diverse background and expose them to art.”

Krishnan, founder of Asian Art Gallery, added: “He truly believes one can depict love through art and motivate people.”

Here are the details about the Spring 2016 Show private reception and opening:

Date: Saturday, May 14th

Time: 5:00PM

RSVP: Please contact for invite.

Private Viewing Times: Please schedule at

Open to Public: Sun, May 15th noon-6pm; Sat, May 21st noon-6pm; Sun, May 22nd, noon-6pm.

Asian Art Gallery was founded by Krishnan as a social enterprise with a mission to promote emerging and senior artists and is the first gallery to present contemporary art of South East Asia in New England. To learn more visit

Artist: Dhiraj Choudhury
Artist: Dhiraj Choudhury


  1. Santhana
    Just right
    Empathy and expressions the way national elections are going on or
    Apathy and lots of expressions ??
    You are really star of stars in brining this art to Art Connoioseurs
    Best wishes

  2. A true depiction of joy and anguish both residing side by side, so much in tune with life’s realites.

    Thank you for providing such a good platform for artists of high calibre,( some,the unsung hero’s) that the Indian diasphore is unaware of.

    It’s an eye opener, as to how much talent is prevalent in India.

    Ramila Thakkar


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