Arjun Mathur: People woke up to me post Emmy nomination

Arjun Mathur
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By Yashika Mathur

Mumbai– Actor Arjun Mathur is busy shooting for the second season of the popular series “Made In Heaven”. His role of Karan Mehra on season one fetched him an International Emmy nomination in the Best Actor category, and he says people are seeing him in a new light post his international recognition.

“I will be honest, for a long time I have been fairly known as a dependable actor in the industry. It definitely took me a while to have my breakthrough. It suddenly felt that people woke up to me and there was a definite change of perception and work started showing improvement,” Arjun tells IANS.

The actor feels everyone should be in a place to turn down a film offer and that is one’s true accomplishment.

“I have never chased overnight stardom or box office numbers. That kind of stardom is fleeting. I have considered myself to be in this for the longer run. I think to have the freedom to take work that excites you and freedom to say no, I think those are our accomplishments,” shares the actor.

He adds: “We are in the golden age of storytelling, and so many aspects contributing to it from streaming platforms and audiences are also becoming wise up and not accepting rubbish anymore. It puts actors like me and many others in an advantageous position and this is the kind of work we wanted to do. All of those who are floundering are the ones who have chased something else and with the cinemas shutting down and with audiences not accepting larger than life portrayal. I think I am in a good place and I am getting into gear and looking forward to so many things.”

Besides “Made In Heaven 2”, the actor is going to be seen in “The Gone Game 2” and “U-Special”. (IANS)


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