Architect Ratna Dalal Launches Online Store Ratna’s Seasonal Art

Ratna Dalal
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WINCHESTER, MA– Architect Ratna Dalal, who relocated to Massachusetts two years ago from New York, has launched online store “Ratna’s Seasonal Art” whose  mission is to reconnect people with nature by selling objects of daily life with her botanical art.

“At my store machine made objects are humanized with hand painted, original and exclusive botanical art by me,” said Dalal, whose architectural experience covers high-end residential, health, science, retail and hospitality in New York region. “I always wanted to major in a field that combined science, arts and technology. Architecture lies at the confluence of these three and hence it was a natural pick.”

Dalal, who is an artist, blogger and a published author of two books, said that for over 25 years she has made botanical art to unwind from the highly computerized world of architecture.

Ratna Dalal

“With rapid urbanization and advancing technology, the human race is losing touch with nature. It is estimated that by the end of this century ninety percent of the human race will be living in urban areas, with very few parks,” said Dalal. “This will create and is already creating a hunger for greenery and delightful sights of plants. So the products from my store will fill the need for this.”

She said her work has been displayed at exhibitions in New York, published in books, book covers, e-magazines and blog posts.

“Now the digital images of these botanical paintings are applied on products for daily use,” said Dalal. “Also I did not want to be boxed in one major for a lifetime, but live a well examined and fulfilling life by applying this education to different interests and passions, so as to keep growing as a professional by branching out and evolving in great ways.”



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