AR Rahman had three-tier multi-management routine for ’99 Songs’

AR Rahman
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Mumbai– Composer AR Rahman has revealed how he had a “three-tier multi-management routine” in place for the upcoming film “99 Songs”, which marks his debut as a producer and writer.

“For ’99 Songs’, I commissioned myself to write, produce and compose the music. As a producer, I questioned my compositions, like is this sound good enough?, while my writer self questioned my composer and producer selves as well. So, it was like being part of a three-tier multi-management routine. I played all the parts,” he said.

“As I kept writing with my team, again and again, I felt like maybe I should find a balance between what is required to be filmed and what will eventually resonate with people. What I like doing ends up being pretty difficult, but I think this movie has taught many things to me and my team. We’ve had a lot of time to fix the score and creatives, to make the film we’ve wanted to make,” the Oscar-winning composer added.

The musical film marks the debut of Ehan Bhat, a budding actor from Kashmir, alongside Edilsy Vargas.

“99 Songs” is slated to release in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Presented by Jio Studios, the film is produced by AR Rahman’s production company YM Movies and co-produced by Ideal Entertainment. (IANS)



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