American Idol Star Sonika Vaid to Open Red Sox Game With National Anthem at Fenway on Sunday

Sonika Vaid (Photo: Tweeter)
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BOSTON– American Idol star Sonika Vaid will open Red Sox game with national anthem at Fenway Park in Boston on Sunday, July 3, according to family friends.

“Her voice is like a stream of extra-ordinary melody,” said Puran Dang, friend of the Vaid family. “She is going to open the Red Sox game at the Fenway Park with National Anthem.”

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Sonika Vaid
Sonika Vaid

On Sunday, Red Sox plays against Angels of Los Angeles in historic Fenway Park.

Vaid, a 21-year old college student from Weston, MA, won the 5th place in the national American Idol singing competition this year. She is the first Indian-American to reach the fifth place in the American Idol contest. Vaid had won the hearts of many judges and the Indian American community across the United States and overseas when this season’s American Idol competition began.

“It is a great honor of our community,” Dang said.

American Idol top 5 finalist Vaid was recently named among 20 Outstanding Women by INDIA New England News. Making it as far as top 5 was something she had never thought she could accomplish and feels that is truly an honor to have had that amazing opportunity and will always hold it close to her heart.


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