Agra remembers Mirza Ghalib on his 222nd birth anniversary

Mirza Ghalib
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Agra–┬áLovers of Urdu poetry on Thursday evening fondly remembered Mirza Ghalib, who was born in Kala Mahal area of Agra, in 1797.

At a function at Goverdhan hotel, organised by Braj Mandal Heritage Conservation Society, speakers recalled Ghalib’s contribution to enrich Urdu literature. They demanded a fitting memorial to the doyen of Urdu ‘adab’ in the Kala Mahal area, in the heart of the city.

Society president Surendra Sharma said the Agra University should start a Mirza Ghalib research chair to promote Urdu literature. In a resolution, members demanded the renaming of Bhagwan Talkies crossing as Mirza Ghalib Circle.

Speakers lamented the falling standards of Urdu literature, which has unfortunately been aligned with a particular community. However the patronage the Urdu poetry has received from Bollywood has indirectly helped to revive interest in the language. (IANS)


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