Adah Sharma urges people to turn vegetarian

Adah Sharma
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Mumbai– Actress Adah Sharma has urged fans to turn vegetarian, adding that she enjoys a healthy lifestyle because of her vegetarian diet.

“I believe in this cause as I was born into a vegetarian family. I have been a pure vegetarian since birth. I never ate non-vegetarian food,” Adah told IANS.

Adah, along with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, threw a Christmas party for chickens. PETA India had recently rescued the hens from slaughter, and before they headed to their new sanctuary home, the biords were given a festive lunch of sweet corn, fruit, and other foods that they love, all spread out beautifully on a table decorated for Christmas.

Talking about PETA’s “Chicken being friends and not food” initiative, Adah added: “I am supporting this cause because it’s ingrained in my system. We often see chickens loaded in jam-packed trucks or tempos while travelling — just imagine if the same happens with human beings.”

She added: “A lot of people often ask me what’s the secret of my glowing skin, healthy hair and creative mind. I think it is being a vegetarian. If you eat healthy food, you can live a very healthy life and you will enjoy your life even more if you are vegetarian, so I hope I can influence people to turn vegetarian and make the world a healthy place.”

“There is a perception in people’s mind that if you want to have a healthy physique then you have to eat non-vegetarian food, but that’s not true. I am a highly energetic person and I think if you have a pure vegetarian diet then you can change your life,” she said. (IANS)


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