40 Delhi-based organisations come together raise awareness on violence against women

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New Delhi–Over 40 Delhi-based organisations have come together under the umbrella “One Billion Rising Campaign” (OBR) to raise awareness about violence against women and girls.

It organised a public event at Connaught Place, here on Sunday, and engaged the audience on various issues, like culture of violence, LGBTQ identity, child rights, women’s agency and independence and toxic masculinity.

Kamla Bhasin, a feminist activist and coordinator of OBR campaign in South Asia, said, “Since 1948 governments across the world have affirmed support to the ‘Universal Declaration’ and committed to a statement on ‘inalienable human rights’ and we are going by the letter and spirit of that and asserting year after year that all human beings are equal.”

One Billion Rising, a global campaign for an end to violence against women and girls, has spread to 207 countries since its start in 2013. The campaign celebrates the ‘power of love’ in ending violence.

Stating that the OBR is not just about the rights of women, girls, boys and men, she said but also about Dalits, minorities, trans-persons and other hidden groups.

Some of the highlights of the day included a flash mob performance titled “A Rapist in your Way”, a play by Asmita Theater, and a performance by Sumangala Damodaran, a musician who has archived all the songs from the people’s movements.

Anuja Gupta, Director of the RAHI Foundation, said the OBR was critical as it didn’t just talk about violence against women, but violence against all marginalised groups, including minorities.

“By using various art forms to build love, respect and solidarity among people and different sections, the OBR is demonstrating that people can not only counter violence but build alternative culture of peace and social cohesion,” Gupta said.

Damodaran, a singer and artist of Resistance Music, said, “The OBR 2020 is of special relevance as it’s being observed at a time when we see the growing resistance of women across the country against all forms of violence borne out of deep misogyny and communalism.”(IANS)



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