With 2,000 People, IAGB Hosts Its Biggest Republic Day Event Ever, Announces Winners of Various Competitions


BURLINGTON, MA—India Association of Greater Boston attracted about 2,000 people to celebrate India’s Republic Day on Saturday at Burlington High School in Burlington, MA. IAGB also held a number of competitions on the occasion and announced their winners. See the full list of winners below.

“It was the largest attended Republic Day event in the recent years, with over 2000 people in attendance across the day-long competitions and cultural segments,” IAGB President Aditi Taylor said.

IAGB Vice President Sanjay Kenchengowda said there was a huge crowed at the Republic Day Mela.

“We had wrist band for everyone and I think we ran out of 2000 wrist bands we had,” said Mr. Kenchengowda.

There were about 500 participants and performers at the IAGB Republic Day Mela , which started at 1:00 PM and continued through 10:00 PM on at Burlington High School in Burlington, MA. The daylong event featured multiple competitions and cultural performances.

Prashanth Palakurthi, who attended the event with his wife Anuradha Palakurthi, said that children presented a “kaleidoscopic gorgeousness of Indian culture.”

“Over 300 participants, mostly children from the ages of 2 to 16, presented the kaleidoscopic gorgeousness of Indian culture through a sequence of songs & dance; traditional and contemporary; and representing all parts of India that the song Vande Mataram identifies – Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maratha, Dravida, Utkala, Vanga,” said Mr. Palakurthi. “When children from that age onwards wear their heritage with pride, it is obvious as to why they will succeed in their chosen endeavors in the USA – a country which shares deeply-ingrained, human and secular values with India.”

Here is the full list of winners in various competitions:

Geography Bee:

Category A (5-9 yrs):

  • 1st: Saisabari Ramesh
  • 2nd: Tanisha Rao

Category B (10-13 years): TIE

  • Sharada Gopalkrishnan and Aishwarya Ramesh

Category C (13+ yrs):

  • 1st: Darshan Krishnaswamy

Trivia Quiz(Team):

1st: Saniya Sapkal, Aarabhi Srivasankaran

Aadhya Madapadi – 2nd prize trivia quiz winner

2nd (TIE): Raj Taylor, Shiv Meiyur, Adi Dash  Rucha Dave, Shakti Meiyur, Maansi Rajput


Category Middle School:

1st: Esha Mehta

2nd: Advay Goel

Category High School:

1st: Anay Mehta

Story Telling:

Category Grade K-2:

1st: Bhavishya Vignesh

2nd: Vibha Arun

Catetory Grade 3-5:

1st: Shreya Jha

2nd: Siya Singhal

Science Quiz(Team):

1st: Darshan Krishnaswamy, Tanisha Rao, Saisabari Ramesh

2nd: Shiv Meiyur, Sanjith Krishnan, Shreyas Hanchinamani, Aishwarya Ramesh, Ryana Riaz


1st: Mashood Illikal

2nd: Vishal Taylor

Skit Enactment(Team):

1st: Team Natyaranga (Eesha Ingle, Mihir Acharya,Archana Deshmukh, Sushant Mulgaonkar, Harshal Joshi)

2nd: Nilay Mukherjee and Monisha Prakash


Jasion Jose (Nature, Portraiture)

Sanjith Krishnan (Smartphone)

Neil Pandit (Black and White)


Catetory 10 – 15 yrs.:

1st: Sharada Gopalkrishnan

2nd: Diya Munshi

Special Mention: Anaya Joshi

Category 25+:

1st: Sachin Dave

2nd: Ramesh Subramaniam

Special Mention: Shamita Behl, Kalai Ramesh


Category A: (upto 8 yrs.)

1st: Anand Swaroop

2nd: Rayhan Riaz

Category B: (9-13 yrs)

1st: Rahul Bansal

2nd: Arnesh Yeola

Category C: (14 and above)

1st: Aditya Mathur


Category A (5-8 yrs.)

1st: Samhita Gowda

2nd: Aadya Goel

Category B (9-12 yrs.)

1st: Anaya Joshi

2nd: Ananya Mathur

Special Mention: Charvi Ankem

Catetory C (13 – 16 yrs)

1st: Raina Parekh

2nd: Madhita

Special Mention: Tanvi Sistu

Category D (Adult)

1st: Anita Srinivasan

2nd: Shashank Nene

Essay Writing:

Category Middle School:

1st: Tejas Kollipara

2nd: Advay Goel

Category High School:

1st: Advay Wadekar.


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