15 Out of 16 Indian Americans Candidates Win in Local Lexington Elections

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LEXINGTON, MA—In the preliminary results published by the town, fifteen out of the sixteen Indian-American candidates who ran in local Town Member (TMM) elections in Lexington, MA this year won. Three of the 16 were new candidates and all three made it. This increases the number of total Indian-Americans in Lexington Town Meeting to 25.

The following Indian-Americans won their seats for Town Meeting:

  1. Sandhya Beebee (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 1)
  2. Syed Ali Rizvi (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 2)
  3. Rita Vachani  (New TMM, Precinct 2)  
  4. Prashant Singh  (New TMM, Precinct 3)  
  5. Anil Ahuja  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 5)  
  6. Aneesha Karody  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 5)  
  7. Rita Pandey  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 5)  
  8. Jyotsna Kakuvallarapu  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 6)  
  9. Deepika Sawhney  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 6 and Incumbent School Committee)  
  10. Vinita Verma  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 6)  
  11. Taylor Singh  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 6)  
  12. Ramesh Nalavollu  (New TMM, Precinct 6)  
  13. Sanjay Padaki  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 7)  
  14. Ravish Kumar  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 8) .
  15. Hema Bhatt  (Incumbent TMM, Precinct 9)  
Current TMM Members(10):
  1. Ajay Joseph – Precinct 2
  2. Dinesh Patel – Precinct 6
  3. Dilip Patel – Precinct 9
  4. Jayanthi Rangan – Precinct 1
  5. Rina Kodendera – Precinct 6
  6. Samita Mandelia – Precinct 7
  7. Sunny Chandra – Precinct 8
  8. Umesh Shelat – Precinct 7
  9. Vikas Kinger – Precinct 7
  10. Vineeta Kumar – Precinct 3

Deepika Sawhney also ran successfully for her second term on the School Committee which is a town wide position. Amit Srivatsava lost from Precinct 3.

“This is absolutely fantastic. It was one of the most contested TMM elections in recent times and despite the limitations due to COVID-19, candidates campaigned passionately and demonstrated their commitment.” said Vineeta Kumar, iGIG President.  

Sanjay Padaki, former President of iGIG, who ran as an incumbent from Precinct 7, said “I am thrilled that the movement started with  2 representatives in 2015 has grown to 23+ people now. Having a pool of talented Indian Americans running every year makes it self-sustaining.”


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