With “Intentional Entrepreneur” at the Center Stage, TiECON East 2023 Kicks Off With a Great Start

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WALTHAM, MA–With “Intentional Entrepreneur” at center stage, TiE Boston’s flagship annual conference TiECON East 2023 kicked off Thursday at Westin Hotel in Waltham, MA with a great start, with about 400 corporate executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders attending various panels and a keynote address.

Sunita Kanchinadam

Sunita Kanchinadam, an IT executive and chair of TiECON East 2023, New England’s largest entrepreneurial conference, urged attendees to walkway with one message of intention or purpose in doing anything.

TiE Boston President Yash Shah welcomed all the attendees as well as TiE Charter Members and TiE global leadership who came from across the globe. He said TiE Boston today boasts over 200 Charter members—highest ever in the organization’s 25-year-old history.

Approximately 400 corporate executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders are attending the two-day conference, which ends Friday evening with a final keynote and a reception. The conference hosts five keynotes and 58 panelists.

Thursday’s keynote speakers were nirvanaHealth chairman and former Pepsi and Apple CEO John Sculley and eternalHealth founder Pooja Ika. Keynote speakers on Friday include iRobot co-founder Helen Greiner, and Raj Sharma, managing director of The Sharma Group and author of “The Purposeful Wealth Advisor”.

TiECON East 2023 is hosting five keynote sessions, touching on topics such as evolving startup ecosystems, empowering innovation and ChatGPT. The other four keynotes will be held throughout the day on April 28, finishing with a keynote at 3:30pm by Mr. Sharma.

On Friday, TiECON East will host three parallel tracks:

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences, which will go in-depth on the dynamic and fast-growing healthcare and life sciences sector- spanning from AI to clinical research to entrepreneurship.
  • Innovation, which will cover topics that will have the potential to dramatically change how we will live and do business in a not-too-distant future, including cybersecurity, Web 3.0, and ESG
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Materials will discuss the renewed interest in investments in manufacturing in the US and other countries such as Germany, India, Korea, and Poland; focused on semicon, energy transition, transportation, and advanced manufacturing, as well as skills development.

For more information on TiECON East 2023, please click here.


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