Why Indian students stranded broad are not evacuated, asks Congress

Jaiveer Shergill
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New Delhi–The Congress has questioned the central government why Indian students stranded in different parts of the world are not being evacuated while the foreigners stuck here are flown by Air India flights to their home lands. The party alleged that the government is in “sleep mode”.

Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill questioned the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for not giving a definitive reply to the worried parents of students stranded abroad, with respect to the strategy & timeline of their evacuation.

“BJP Govt is in ‘Active Mode’ for Foreigners & in ‘Sleep Mode’ for Indian Students stuck abroad in this hour of Global Crisis”, he alleged.

Shergill said, “India has evacuated 20000 plus foreigners, why is BJP Govt not evacuating Indian students stranded abroad?”

He gave figures that in the US about 2,02,000 enrolled students and in the UK 300 students were stuck at Heathrow airport till March 18 and several others in many other countries like Australia, Canada etc.

He added that as per the Ministry of External Affairs, 20000 (plus) foreign nationals have been evacuated to different parts of the world by the Government of India on request by various nations.

“Why is the BJP-Govt of India not according same “helpful” treatment to Indian students abroad? There are approximately 2 Lac Indian Students studying in USA, 300 students were stranded in Heathrow Airport as on 18th march 2020, 16000 students studying in Philippines, huge number of students are stranded in Australia, Canada, Malaysia and other Countries, when will they come home?” said Shergill.

He asked when Govt of India can facilitate evacuation of 20000 foreigners then why not the same approach is applied to Indian Students stranded abroad. He said the UK, the US are sending special flights to evacuate their citizens stuck in India, then why is Govt of India not doing the same?

When Air India can be deployed to send German Nationals and other foreigners back to their home country(s), then why Air India is not being used for children of India? asked Sherrill. (IANS)


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