We Care Charity Announces Refiling of Taxes From 2013 to 2017, Holds Dil Se-3 Event, Raises Over $10,000

We Care Charity fundraiser at Mechanics Hall
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WORCESTER, MA— We Care Charity, a Salem, NH-based non-profit organization whose mission is to provide food and empower children, individuals and families in crisis in New England and beyond, held its third annual fundraiser Dil Se-3, and raised over $10,000 net of all expenses.

WCC Founder and President Shefali Desai Kalyani told INDIA New England News in a written statement that charity’s fundraiser DIL Se-3 was a very well received event.

The event was held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA, on Saturday, Oct. 6th and featured live band by Din Check and dances by Fogana. In laser filled extravaganza, Jolly and Meenakshi from Din Check along with singers from Berklee School of Music provided entertainment to the audience.

We Care Charity also took to the stage to announce its newly constituted Board of Directors, the statement said.

A group of dancers at Dil Se-3 with Shefali Desai Kalyani in center. (Photo: Facebook)

“WCC thanked the past Board of Advisors for bringing forward some of the procedural and financial irregularities to their notice. WCC shared with the attendees the results of past two-months of intense review and corrections,” the statement said. “Sighting examples, WCC refuted some of the baseless allegations and at the same time acknowledged how some very conservative accounting approach lead to reversal of few expenses reimbursed in the past.”

WCC has been mired in accounting irregularities, funds for personal use and discrepancies in tax filings for several years in recent months. Six former members of the non-binding 8-member Board of Advisors resigned and complained to the Internal Revenue Service and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office about the organization’s accounting irregularities.

“To a thunderous applause, WCC Charity conveyed publicly for the first time, that they have completed refiling its Federal tax returns for all years from 2013 to 2017 and have proactively submitted a copy to the office of NH Attorney General for their review,” the statement said. “Going into this event, we were quite prepared not to reach financial success of past years. Warmth, enthusiasm and understanding from our supporters and well-wishers was the primary goal for this event. By that measure the event was highly successful. Financially too, We Care Charity raised over $10,000 net of all expenses.

In 2016, the organization had raised $52,489 at Dil Se-1 fundraiser.

WCC thanked its donors and supporters for the faith they have shown and promised to keep working tirelessly to meet their expectations and remain fully compliant with laws of the land.



  1. President of We care Charity announced last week that they have refiled the taxes for all 5 years ( from 2013 to 2017).

    However these documents have not been made public. Had the Board of Advisors not pointed out the major discrepancies, WCC president would not have cared to correct it and put the money back . Also this also does not exonerate the charity President from transferring the money from the charity bank accounts to her personal bank accounts. Also it does not answer the question whether WCC president put the money back into the charity accounts and if so how much? . We would like to the see the new tax returns and corresponding bank transactions for all expenses for the charity.(Not only for US expenses – but also the money spent in India). Key is corresponding bank transactions for major expenses. Filing the amended tax return alone is not suffice.

    Since the WCC President had the sole control over the bank accounts and admitted to the mistakes, it is only appropriate current president steps down from all charity president position and leave all financial matters to other board members. She can continue to be a volunteer.

  2. It sad, even after admitting the errors including the transfer of funds to personal bank accounts- WCC keeps saying the following in their
    “WCC refuted some of the baseless allegations”

    Baseless allegations? If so why did they refile the taxes for 5 years? For past 3+ months WCC has been attacking me that it is all rumors etc. If so why did they file the amended tax return for past 5 years. What makes one think, the same thing will not happen again, once the dust settles.


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