Vision-Aid Announces Partnership With Medical Research Foundation Sankara Nethralaya

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BOSTON–Sankara Nethralaya, one of the biggest eye care providers in India, and Lexington, MA-based non-profit organization Vision-Aid, have formed a partnership through which they will create a joint program to distribute free and subsidized devices to the non-paying segment of Sankara Nethralaya’s patient population, the organizations said in a statement.

Sankara Nethralaya is headquartered in Chennai, India, and is a respected and trusted name in the eye care service sector, having earned a reputation for providing high quality eye care to all patients irrespective of their financial background.

In addition, Sankara Nethralaya operates one of the largest low vision resource centers in India.  They estimate that around 400 patients visit them each month and several of these patients are in the “nonpaying” category because they cannot afford to pay for treatment.

Currently such patients get free care, but do not get free devices. The majority of them are very poor and highly deserving of support, the statement said.

The joint Vision Aid-Sankara Nethralaya program will distribute free and subsidized devices to the non-paying segment of Sankara Nethralaya patient population. The new program will benefit visually impaired patients in the whole region, which is largely serviced by Sankara Nethralaya network of eye care services.

In addition to providing Sankara Nethralaya with financial support, Vision-Aid will also provide low cost, technology based solutions for patients with visual impairment.

Vision-Aid, a non-profit organization, provides innovative and high-impact service initiatives for the vision impaired including quality training programs, one-on-one mentoring and assessment, and technology based devices and solutions- with a goal to empower blind and low vision adults and children, to become self-reliant, job ready and to make their world a fulfilling place to live in.

Vision-Aid is hosting its landmark annual event in the form of a fund-raiser featuring a Broadway style production Charmer, Warrior, Guide – at Littleton High School in Littleton, MA on July 16th at 4:00 PM. Funds from this event will help Vision-Aid support their existing programs and adding new and exciting programs such as the Vision-Aid Sankara Nethralaya Fund.  For tickets and sponsorship details, please visit .


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