TV industry no longer defined by body type, says Nehalaxmi Iyer

Nehalaxmi Iyer
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Mumbai–Nehalaxmi Iyer is not the typical slim and trim actress you would see on the small screen. But she says it’s only a myth that only thin women can survive in the industry.

Nehalaxmi Iyer
Nehalaxmi Iyer

At a time when celebrities in India as well as abroad are talking unabashedly about bodyshaming, Nehalaxmi has also opened up about her views on having a ‘body type’ for showbiz.

Nehalaxmi was offered the lead role in Star Plus show “Ishqbaaaz” provided she gains back all the weight she had lost during a break. So, she feels that it is indeed her body type that got her the role of Saumya in the show.

“It is a myth that just because you don’t have the thin curves, you won’t survive in this industry. Every second day there are so many new girls struggling to be in the TV industry who starve themselves out of their wits to ensure they are thin enough to get roles, but I feel that is not required,” Nehalaxmi said in a statement.

“As for me, I am really lucky to have got good work, especially ‘Ishqbaaaz’, that too because my producers have loved me the way I am and told me to gain or lose any weight,” she added.

Nehalaxmi also shared that she is inspired by comedian Bharti Singh, who has a rotund frame.

She said: “Look at how much fame Bharti Singh has got over the years. Audiences love watching her and she is a household name despite her body type. I definitely feel that the TV industry is not defined by the body type.”

In “Ishqbaaaz”, Nehalaxmi will be seen paired with Leenesh Mattoo.


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