Transgenders can access toilets meant for Divyangs at metro stations

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New Delhi–All existing toilets for Divynagjans, the physically disabled persons, located at metro stations’ premises will be allowed to be used by transgenders as well, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said on Sunday.

The move aimed to ensure that the transgender passengers travelling in the metro get ‘unhindered’ access to toilets at stations.

“In its efforts to provide safe space and prevent gender discrimination against transgenders, DMRC has designated its existing toilets meant only for Divynagjans so far, to be accessible for the transgenders too,” DMRC said in a communication.

Transgender community has been demanding separate toilets across the national capital.

According to the DMRC, at present Delhi metro has 347 such dedicated toilets, in addition to the regular toilets for other passengers, at its stations.

Further, to guide transgenders to these toilets, bilingual signages (English and Hindi) along with symbols for both the ‘Persons with Disabilities’ and ‘Transgenders’ have been installed adjacent to these toilets.

Besides the provision of separate toilet for transgenders, any transgender who wishes to use gender-based toilet as per self-identified gender will also continue to do so, the DMRC added.

It also said the process of contemplating ways to identify dedicated locations to provide separate public toilet facilities at its upcoming stations in Phase-IV.

“The provisions of section 22 of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, also mandates adequate welfare measures for the transgender persons at all public buildings, including public toilet facilities,” it asserted. (IANS)


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