Thief murders accomplice, guard disposes off body to save job, both arrested!

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New Delhi– A fight broke out between two thieves who had entered an MCD school in east Delhi’s Kalyanpuri to steal mercury lights, resulting in the death of one of them after he was pushed off the roof of the school.

The matter came to light when on Wednesday when people called police after foul smell started emanating from the water sewage tank of the MCD school situated at block 7 in Khichripur. Police reached the spot and a decomposed male body from a sewage tank was found.

Accordingly, a murder case was registered in Police Station Kalyanpuri and investigation was started.

The deceased was identified as 21-year-old Aslam, a resident of jhuggi Khichripur. The deceased’s mother stated she had last seen her son with one Noor who also resides in Khichripur.

“Therafter information about Noor was developed as he was not present in his jhuggi. Noor was traced to the house of his uncle and from there he was arrested. On sustained interrogation he disclosed that he and Aslam had gone to the MCD school to steal mercury street lights. They entered the school by climbing the tree near the wall of the school. After stealing the lights, they had a quarrel over the distribution of the stolen items. During the quarrel, Noor pushed Aslam from the roof of the school which led to his death,” said Jasmeet Singh, DCP East.

Noor then panicked and ran away from the spot leaving all the stolen material and dead body on the spot. Earlier on examination, a plastic sheet was spotted in the water sewage tank of MCD school. After close inspection of the sheet it was observed that this sheet was used to wrap the dead body for disposal.

On the basis of some text written on the sheet, it was found that these sheets are used to pack school stationery and they are kept in the storeroom of the school. The storeroom keys were with the watchman of the school identified as Rajkumar.

“On thorough interrogation of Rajkumar, he disclosed that on finding the dead body in the school premises he panicked as security of school is his duty. On fear of losing his job he disposed off the body in a water tank by using a plastic sheet and cleaned the whole area. Both the accused have been arrested,” said the officer. (IANS)



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