There is Nothing to Fix: Just Regulate Your Emotions, Pay Attention to Your Body and Grow

Suzanne Jones
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BOSTON–Do you often wonder what you’re saying, doing or thinking that’s causing you to feel “less than”? Are you always looking for ways to fix something about yourself?

You’re not alone—far from it, in fact—and the good news is that you have the power to find your way back to the person you know you are deep down. It’s been inside you all along.

In an exclusive Face-to-Face interview with INDIA New England News, Suzanne Jones, author of “There Is Nothing to Fix: Becoming Whole through Radical Self-Acceptance”, makes a good case for the theory “There is Nothing to Fix” and offers some helpful tips and insights.

To watch the full interview, please click here, or on the image blow.

Jones has helped thousands of participants with her life-changing somatic healing program, and in her book she leads you on a journey back to your authentic self by guiding you through a personal exploration of recovery, growth and resilience.



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