The MeToo Movement Makes Its Way Into Harvard University Courses

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CAMBRIDGE, MA–As women around the world have come forward with personal stories about sexual misconduct they’ve faced, Harvard University courses have begun to integrate explorations of #MeToo movement themes and issues into their curriculum, according to The Harvard Crimson newspaper.

The newspaper reported that the phrase #MeToo has appeared in course syllabi of myriad departments including English, Music, Romance Languages and Literatures, Expository Writing, Human Evolutionary Biology, African and African American Studies, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

“Despite the range of courses, some say the classes are only reaching a predominantly female student audience,” the Crimson reported.

“There’s obviously a huge gender imbalance, and it’s really disappointing in some ways, because of course women are interested in these ideas that related to them, and you kind of hope that men would take a more concerted interest in these issues,” the newspaper quoted Alexandra J. Gold, a Writing Center preceptor who teaches Expository Writing 20: “Telling Her Story: Narrative, Media, and #MeToo” as saying.

“Gender roles don’t exclusively affect women, they also affect men, and men should be more aware of that,” she added. “I think that if we’re going to work towards intersectionality and equality, we need the participation of both men and women.”


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