Swarovski’s ongoing sustainability strategy

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New Delhi– Taking care of the past, with an eye firmly on the future, Swarovski enters a five-year agreement with Climeworks, a leader in carbon dioxide removal via direct air capture technology.

Climeworks will remove accumulated CO2 emissions for Swarovski, which forms part of Swarovski’s cohesive greenhouse gas plan to reduce, remove, and offset CO2 emissions. A climate strategy without carbon removal essentially means committing to pollute less today without clearing up the pollution accumulated so far. Reduction, removal, and offsetting are all necessary methodologies to reach the climate targets set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

In order to follow a verified greenhouse gas reduction approach, Swarovski joined the Science Based Targets initiative in 2021, announcing its commitment to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 emissions (direct and indirect emissions from owned operations) by 47 percent and scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions from non-owned operations) by 28 percent, by 2030.

As Swarovski CEO ad interim, Michele Molon further expounds: “In 2021 we strengthened our sustainability strategy, focusing on the key area of climate mitigation. With the firm belief that scientific knowledge is indispensable to understanding and creating change, we also aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative to further our commitment. By signing this carbon removal agreement with Climeworks on their CO2 removal technology, we are marking our continued journey to confront one of our planet’s most pressing issues.”

To drastically reduce its global carbon footprint, Swarovski is investing substantially in more efficient manufacturing operations, further reducing energy consumption in all its new stores, sourcing more sustainable materials for products, packaging, and architecture, and undertaking large-scale initiatives that will positively impact the transport of goods and other steps along the value chain.

Innovation is a key part of winning the ongoing climate battle. Through this new agreement with Climeworks, Swarovski hopes to set an example by inspiring others to begin their own carbon removal journey and strive for a climate-positive world. (IANS)


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