SwaRaag presents 2016 Bollywood Music & Dance Competition

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FRAMINGHAM, MA— SwaRaag announced that it will hold its 2016 Bollywood Music & Dance Competition on Dec. 4 and auditions will be held on Nov. 20, Swathi Subramanian, founder and president of SwaRaag Performing Arts, Inc, said in a statement.

Swathi Subramanian
Swathi Subramanian

The competition will be held in all age groups in several categories: Solo Song, Solo Dance, Duo Dance, Group Dance, Spot Choreography, the statement said. The contest is open to all in the United States and Canada allowing long distance residents to audition via SKYPE.

Auditions are on Nov 20th at the Sheraton Hotel in Framingham, MA, for all categories expecting Group Dance which is due on the same day by video.

Additionally, Solo Song category (Juniors) and all Dance categories (all age groups) can be performed in any language. Group Dance auditions are by video only.

Spot Choreography has repeatedly proved as an audience favorite, wherein a contestant is required to perform impromptu for 30secs on stage on any given song.

For rules and registration, visit:  www.swaraag.org.


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