Spark Up Nostalgia with Hindi Manch’s Chitrahaar on Dec.13

Anish Khanzode
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By Sonal Yadav

Special to INDIA New England News

CONCORD, MA–Just how a pressed flower tucked in between pages of an old diary brings back memories from a foggy past, Hindi Manch will be refreshing your faint recollection of the yesteryears popular sitcom, Yeh Joh Hey Zindagi (YJHZ), by re-enacting an episode.

Anish Khanzode
Anish Khanzode

Hindi Manch has been committed to promote Hindi, Urdu languages, and related dialects through music, theatre, cultural events, and literary sittings, and strives to offer something deliciously different each year.

To meet the heightened expectations of the indulgent and encouraging audience of New England, Natya Vibhag of Hindi Manch decided to recreate the magic and jubilance of YJHZ during the most anticipated musical show of the year “Chitrahaar” on Dec 13 at Thoreau School, Concord, MA.

Hindi Manch’s Chitrahaar will see singers crooning songs that will bring back memories of Chitrahaar telecast from bygone times. These singers include finalists and semi-finalists that were adjudged by Bollywood singer Suresh Wadkar at Hindi Manch’s SaReGaMa 2014.To complete the TV watching experience, Hindi Manch also integrated anchors that will enhance the transitioning between Chitrahaar and YJHZ with their witty and engaging acts.

For most, YJHZ will be a walk down the memory lane. If there was ever a Show that redefined Television in India, it is undoubtedly and unquestionably, YJHZ. Being Indian Television’s first comedy sitcom, YJHZ is considered a cult classic and was initially aired in the year 1984.

YJHZ worked mainly on two principles— relatability and humor. The show was penned by India’s leading satirists, Sharad Joshi and its title track was sung by Kishore Kumar. Brilliant performances by veterans like Satish Shah, Shafi Inamdar, Swaroop Sampat, and Rakesh Bedi elevated the show to unmatchable heights. Well aware that it will be no ordinary feat to match the aura created by the original cast, Hindi Manch actors are excited to enthrall the New England audiences with this lighthearted play.

The play’s emotional heart is squarely centered on a couple’s relationship with each other. This husband-wife bonding is not sugary sweet and they do have their own share of bickering which makes this lead couple so real and believable. Throw in the wife’s brother in the mix and you have recipe for hysterical situations.

This play is directed by Mohan Dali and Anish Khanzode and is enacted by local artists. Get a glimpse of all the fun that awaits you here.

So come out with your family and friends to experience an exhilarating emotion and reminisce the blurred past.


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