Sona Mohapatra interprets ‘Nit khair manga’ with ‘feminine perspective’

Sona Mohapatra (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Singer Sona Mohapatra released her new song “Nit khair manga”, a reworked rendition of the traditional Sufi qawwali that is predominantly performed by male singers.

In the past, the song has been widely performed and recorded by the late Sufi legend, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Talking about the song, Sona said: “I am so happy to finally present my recorded version of ‘Nit khair manga’ to the world. I have performed this classic on stage for a decade as an ode to Nusrat saab and his artistry but my interpretation is very different and from a feminine perspective. As an artiste, I believe in taking a stand for what is right and also spreading positivity. The world really needs it at the moment, more than ever before. I hope this release helps carry the message of unity and love above all.”

Sona’s version has a funk-fusion rendition of the same in her documentary film “Shut Up Sona”, which is being screened at the documentary festival Hot Docs Toronto in North America. (IANS)



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