Skyscape Launches HIPAA-Secure Mobile Telehealth for Medical Professionals

Sandeep Shah
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Marlborough, MA –Skyscape, a provider of mobile medical information portfolio, announced the launch of Buzz Video, adding a telehealth capability to its HIPAA secure medical messaging platform.

With the introduction of Buzz Video, Skyscape has significantly expanded its secure collaboration platform by adding telephone and video conference features in addition to sharing of text, dictation, audio, images, labs & medical reports.

“This is very important for healthcare professionals and institutions that are seeking collaboration platforms and video conferencing options to assist their daily workflow,” Skyscape said in a statement.

“Although Skyscape optimized Buzz as a unified, easy-to-use collaboration platform to address the fragmented communication challenge well before the current crisis, the platform capabilities match well for seamless communication focused on the frontlines of the COVID 19 pandemic,” said Sandeep Shah, founder and CEO of Skyscape. “Our users have faced a barrage of daily new challenges and constraints during the lockdown. Providing an effective communication modality has always been the DNA of Buzz. We are pleased to augment this with Buzz Video to facilitate telehealthcare between providers, patients, and families.”

Skyscape’s Buzz has been appreciated for its simplicity of onboarding and usage in offering real-time & structured communication to healthcare providers on a daily basis.

One of Skyscape’s customers, Joshua Simpson agrees with this, especially during these chaotic and unchartered times.

Mr. Simpson, VP of Clinical Operations at Summit Home Health & Hospice, said: “In the changing environment as a result of COVID-19, it is important for us to seek efficient ways of staying in touch with our patients and guiding them through their care. We are relying on Buzz Video for our telehealth needs as it is easy to use, requires no app download by the patient, and is HIPAA-secure.”

Social distancing has led to a tremendous need for effective Telehealth solutions. Skyscape accelerated the development and deployment of Buzz Video to address a much-needed shortcoming in the multitude of solutions, the major one being the complexity in connecting the patients and the providers.

“Our team took up the challenge and delivered the simplest possible platform to enable practitioners with the telemedicine access directly from their mobile device or from any web browser,” added Mr. Shah.

Skyscape pioneered mobile health technology and now it is extending it with a unified communication through Buzz, enabling providers across the care team to treat patients, confer with specialists, and coordinate care under a unified solution.

Buzz telehealth will be available at no charge to the individual clinicians, empowering them during the COVID 19 crisis to communicate and provide quality care to their patients. More information is available at



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