Sindhu, Ghosal & Rasquinha team up with Mindhouse to talk about mental strength

PV Sindhu
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Gurugram– Meditation-based mental wellness start-up Mindhouse has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Winner’s Mindset’ to emphasise the role of mental strength. The campaign features some of India’s leading sports icons talking about the importance of mental strength and its impact on their on-field performance.

The campaign aims to highlight that traits such as physical fitness and training are easily visible and applauded, however mental strength is often overlooked and is pivotal to a person’s success irrespective of the field of accomplishment.

P.V Sindhu, ace Indian shuttler, said: “I have had my fair share of failure and success in tough situations. I have learnt that the importance of mental strength is as high as that of my physical fitness. I attribute a lot of my own wins and improvement to my focus on my mind, and am truly glad to work with Mindhouse in this campaign.”

Commenting on the campaign, Viren Rasquinha, former captain of the Indian men’s hockey team said, “Mental strength and conditioning are very important to incorporate in an athlete’s training, right from the beginning. As physical capabilities are similar at the top, I have seen how the strength of the mind wins you those crucial battles.”

“I am really happy that Mindhouse is bringing this to the forefront, and hope more athletes in India take this aspect seriously.”

In the film, the athletes address the tremendous pressures and challenges that they face on a regular basis, and how it’s their mental strength and resilience that helps them to keep moving forward.

Pooja Khanna, Co-founder, Mindhouse, said, “We believe mental strength is a critical asset that everyone can develop, with correct and regular mind training. We are proud to partner with some of India’s leading sports icons to highlight and bring out the importance of mental strength, and its role in creating winners. We hope this inspires people to make mental fitness a priority.”(IANS)


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