Shabana Azmi joins cast of LGBTQ+ film ‘Sheer Qorma’

Shabana Azmi (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Veteran actress Shabana Azmi has been roped in for Faraz Arif Ansari’s LGBTQ drama “Sheer Qorma”. She is looking forward to start working on it.

Shabana will be seen as a mother in the film, which also stars Swara Bhasker and Divya Dutta.

“Divya Dutta recommended the ‘Sheer Qorma’ script to me. I was moved by it and met Faraz who came across as sincere, honest and deeply committed to the story. The bonus is working with Divya and Swara, so we reworked our dates and I said yes. We had the first workshop yesterday, and everything came together organically. I am looking forward to the shoot,” Shabana said.

Ansari is elated to have Shabana on board

“I had a wishlist of actors I want to work with — right from the time I was in school. Shabanaji’s name was always among the top three names of that list, so I have to keep pinching myself and cannot be grateful enough to have this opportunity of directing an absolute legend. The character Shabanaji essays in ‘Sheer Qorma’ is going to resonate with mothers all across the world and also open up a much-needed dialogue about parenthood, with not just parents of queer children but a more universal dialogue that I hope will bring a lot of love back in our universe,” Ansari said, adding: “Shabanaji’s character in ‘Sheer Qorma’ is the mother we all deserve — the Mother India of the 21st Century.”

The film tries understanding the longing for love and acceptance that queer children often feel. It talks of belonging and acceptance, identity and family.

The cast starts shooting for the film in Mumbai later this week.(IANS)


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