Saheli Boston to Hold its Annual Meeting on Oct. 10, Plans to Expand its Board of Directors and Advisory Committee

Supriya Saurabh Gupta
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BOSTON—Saheli Boston, a community-based organization in Massachusetts founded in 1996 with the mission to empower South Asian women and their families to live safe and healthy lives, will holds its virtual annual meeting on Oct. 10, 2020, and plans to expand its Board of Directors and Advisory Committee.

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 10th at 10:00 AM. This is a virtual meeting set up on Zoom. Please sign up to join the meeting here: .

The meeting will focus on Saheli’s new vision, mission and strategic goals, 2019-2020 annual report along with the various new programs initiated by Saheli.

“Saheli has witnessed tremendous growth in past few years. We have been fortunate to expand our staff base with multiple skilled resources in 2020 and are interested to make additions to our board and advisory membership,” said Saheli Boston President Supriya Saurabh Gupta. “During the pandemic, there has been greater need of our services and we are looking for fresh minds to support us in achieving Saheli’s mission.”

Saheli’s Board of Directors provides governance to the organization and works in tandem with Saheli staff in successful execution of it programs and services. Currently, Saheli has 9 board members and want to add five more.

Neelam Wali

“Needs for Saheli services in the community are increasing, and we need more volunteers and manpower,” said Neelam Wali, Chairwoman of Saheli’s Advisory Committee.  “Advisory Committees members may offer advice on program policy or services, provide valuable connections with local businesses or agencies, help plan and staff events, or provide support to Saheli’s busy staff.”

Ms. Wali said that Advisory Committee offers an organized way to engage volunteers in strengthening and mentoring programs that are the foundation of a social work agency like Saheli.

“We currently have 13 Advisory Committee members and we’re looking forward to increase numbers to 25-plus,” Ms. Wali said. “It is a moving target so we need to plan ahead for planning purposes.”

The Saheli Advisory Committee is a select group of “independent” people from the local community, and industry, who provide strategic advice and support to the Board Members of Saheli and are are appointed to a specific term of 2 or 3 years.

Saheli is looking for volunteers and members who can help the organization in the following areas: skills in management and strategic planning;  skills in legal services, medicine and grant funding; connections to donors; connections for housing and shelter, ethnic and linguistic community connections; event management; business and marketing skills; articulating Saheli’s mission, skills in public speaking or public relations; and development of program policy and procedures.

“Above all, Advisory Committee members should be enthusiastic and have a genuine interest in helping abused women and their families and supporting Saheli’s mission of making the lives of South Asian women safe and healthy,” said Ms. Wali.



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