Release of Indian child abductor sparks backlash in Italy

Ram Lubhay (Photo courtesy: ANSA)
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Rome– The release of an Indian migrant accused of trying to abduct a small girl from a Sicilian beach resort has riled conservative Italian politicians and sparked calls for his deportation.

Ram Lubhay should be “immediately expelled” for his attempted abduction of a five-year-old girl last week as she played in the sea at Vittoria, the town’s centre-right mayor Giovanni Moscato told Adnkronos.

“This is a very serious incident that has caused alarm in the town and elsewhere,” Moscato said.

Ram Lubhay (Photo courtesy: ANSA)
Ram Lubhay (Photo courtesy: ANSA)

“I am confident in the investigation being spear-headed by magistrates but call on Italy’s authorities to immediately deport Lubhay, who is an illegal immigrant,” Moscato added.

Lubhay was held last Tuesday and released on Sunday by a judge in Ragusa on the grounds that under Italy’s penal code a person cannot be arrested for attempted kidnapping, even if they are under investigation.

The girl’s parents and witnesses have testified that Lubhay picked up the girl and began to walk away, releasing her and running off when they gave chase.

Italy’s Justice Minister Andrea Orlando has ordered an enquiry into the release of Lubhya, a homeless henna tattoo artist lacking legal residency who has a prior criminal record. Lubhay claims he did not try to abduct the child. (IANS/AKI)


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