Prof. Partha Ghosh to keynote Vision-Aid’s 2021 Annual Event on August 1

Partha Ghosh
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LEXINGTON, MA– Vision-Aid announced that Prof. Partha Ghosh will be the chief guest and keynote speaker for Vision-Aid’s annual event this year on Sunday, August 1st, 2021 at 4:00 PM.

The 2021 event will feature a unique Broadway-style dance virtual production “The Seven Selfless Sovereigns”, featuring over 50 dancers and several dance teachers working under the guidance of renowned dance choreographer and producer from India, Madurai R. Muralidaran. Vision-Aid has acquired a reputation for bringing spectacular productions to Boston, year upon year for over a decade, to thrill audiences, while raising funds to support its many programs.

Funds raised from this year’s event will help to support Vision-Aid’s innovative programs at over 20 locations across India including Vision-Aid centers of Excellence, at Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, the L.V.Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, Shroff Charity Eye Hospital in Delhi and Sankara Nethralaya in Chennai among others These centers offer world-class rehabilitation services at scale, to thousands of visually impaired across India freely or at highly subsidized costs.

Mr. Ghosh and Akiko Ghosh are well known community leaders who have acquired a reputation for their philanthropic interests and community leadership. They have a strong passion for giving back and helping the less fortunate around the world.

Mr. Ghosh is a world-renowned thought leader and inspirer in various fields: Technology, Business, Economics, Philosophy and Philanthropy. He is known as a “Modern Day Renaissance Man”. He is an outstanding Consultant having given advice to many multinational companies internationally and heads of states across nations. He has delivered about 200 Keynote Addresses on various Business, Educational and Leadership Forums.

He is the Founder and Chairman of The Boston Pledge which helps human beings in the bottom of the pyramid. He is involved in multiple initiatives around the world. With his support, His alma-mater, IIT Kharagpur is establishing The Partha Ghosh Leadership Academy on the Campus in his honor. The Academy integrates the Eastern and Western wisdom.

Mr. Ghosh obtained his Advanced Graduate Degrees -dual master’s degrees in chemical engineering and Economics/Business Management from MIT and is a Professor of Practice at the MIT and at The Tufts University. He sits on the boards of various organizations.

Akiko Ghosh

Akiko Ghosh after graduating in English at the prestigious Ayoma Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan launched her own business Studio Bharat in 1990 to promote high-end Indian products in Japan. On moving to the US she has been active in public service helping The Boston Pledge, while being involved in Real Estate services particularly focused on helping Japanese families move from Japan to Massachusetts. She is currently a board member of Japan Boston Business Bureau.

Vision-Aid  is a Lexington, MA based non-profit, founded in 2004 with a mission of enabling, educating, and empowering the visually impaired to live with independence and dignity. In addition to serving thousands of visually impaired across 20 locations in India, it has gained a reputation for its innovative and high-impact online and specialized programs. Several unique programs help to train the visually impaired to find gainful employment and live with independence and dignity. One example is a newly launched digital accessibility testing and training center which not only trains the visually impaired but also employs several of them to perform digital accessibility testing for a global client base, and this is just one example of its innovative offerings among a large portfolio which includes over a dozen training programs for the visually impaired.

The Vision-Aid leadership team includes Mr. Syed Ali Rizvi (Current President), Mr. Lalit Sudan (President Elect who assumes office on July 1, 2021 for a term of 5 years) , Mr. Puran Dang (Chairman), Mr. Ramakrishna (Ram) Raju (Founder and Executive Director), Revathy Ramakrishna (Co-Founder, VP) and a stellar constellation of over 30 leaders from the community with expertise in a wide range of areas from Opthalmology and Rehabilitation to Finance and Non-Profit Management.

About the August 1st, 2021 mega-event

This years Broadway-style mega-show “The Seven Selfless Sovereigns” is set to dazzle audiences and raise the bar yet again. It highlights many unique aspects of this timeless Indian epic in a rich and vibrant choreography, produced by renowned choreographer Guru Madurai R. Muralidaran, ably assisted by Artistic Directors Jeyanthi Ghatraju, Suja Meyyappan, Sripriya Natarajan Moorthy, Thenu Rajan, Sheetal Dwaraka, Kalaimangai Anbalgan, Dhanashree Madiwale-Karmakar, Aishwarya Balasubramaniam, pulling together the brightest dance talent in the greater Boston area – all of them graciously volunteering their time to support the cause. The dance team and Producer/Artistic Directors have been very hard at work for months preparing to stage a fabulous show which also introduces some very unique special effects for the first time this year. Due to the very large audience size, and out of an abundance of caution the non-profit is holding this year’s annual event virtually, even though the pandemic is receding.

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