PM Modi, please save us, say Indian students in Ukraine’s Sumy

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New Delhi– Around 600 Indian students in Ukraine’s Sumy have urged the Indian government to rescue them as soon as possible, as water, and food has run out and they have nothing to eat, and are very afraid.

In a video, they have requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save their lives.

“PM Modi, please don’t let us die. Help us. Save our lives. We are in Sumy. Buses are stationed at Russian border which are far. In minus degree temperatures we can’t move without any transportation,” they said in the video, a copy of which is with IANS.

They also sent fresh videos to IANS narrating how the situations had turned worse during last two days.

The students said that the area is being bombarded by the Russian forces and a few bombs exploded near their university building where they have presently taken shelter.

“We are stuck here. We are horrified. Last night air strike happened here. If not evacuated, we all will die,” they said in the video.

The situation has turned so worse as they have to melt ice to get water, they said.

The Indian government is talking about routes for 2 days but students have are now scared and panicked.

“We are stuck in Sumy since the beginning. No one has been evacuated so far. Yesterday night, air strike happened. Then there was no electricity for hours. Now we don’t have drinking water. We haven’t eaten since last night. No action has been taken so save us. Borders are very far from here.If we go to Kharkiv it will take around four hours and so will going to Kiev. Then it will take another 1o hours journey to reach Poland and Hungary border,” the students said in the video. (IANS)


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