Pakistan opposition party flays Imran, says don’t trust US on Kashmir

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Peshawar–Pakistan’s main opposition party Jamaat-i-Islami has slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan government’s Kashmir policy and said Islamabad should not trust US President Donald Trump’s reconciliation offer on this issue.

According to reports in Pakistani media, Jamaat chief Sirajul Haq said at a rally here on Sunday the party would not accept the government stand on Kashmir. It seemed “deal on Kashmir was finalised with the Indian government in advance”, he added.

Advising the Khan government against involving the US in the issue and to take bold steps, he said, “If Kashmir is lost, the entire Pakistan will be deserted.” It was a matter of life and death for Pakistanis, he added.

He also hit out at the United Arab Emirates’ ruler for inviting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and giving him the country’s highest civilian award ‘Order of Zayed’.

“The UAE ruler has shown disloyalty towards the Muslim community by giving his country’s highest award”, said Haq and urged Islamic countries not to remain silent over the issue of J&K.

Another Jamaat leader Mushtaq Ahmad alleged Modi’s plane was flying over Pakistan but Imran Khan was unaware. Kashmir would never be liberated through tweets, he said. (IANS)


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