Over 300 Participants Take Part in Various Competitions at Republic Day Celebrations, Winners Announced

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BURLINGTON, MA—Over 300 participants took part in various competition during IAGB’s Republic Day celebrations last week at Burlington High School in Burlington. See below the list of winners.

IAGB community celebrated the annual Republic Day event in high spirits. The event took place on January 28th, 2023. It was a day long activity full of competitions, cultural programs, shopping opportunities and of course, food. Thousands of community members participated and enjoyed this event.

The highlight of the cultural programs on the stage this year was the ‘Fashion Show’ put together by over 30 amateur and professional community members. It showcased traditional attires from various regions of India and the trendiest Indian clothing. The stylish presentation received hearty applause from the audience. And the annual tradition of staging dance performances representing all corners of India received no lesser cheering.

New England area dance schools and groups showcased various performances to present the cultural and relations legacy we are proud of and have built upon. Audience was waiting to get swayed by their family members and friends on the stage dancing to the rhythmic music. IAGB stage saw the cutest ever Jana Gana Mana (India’s Anthem) rendition by Shishubharti students.

Guest of Honor, Dr. Manju Sheth, was recognized on stage for her numerous community contributions. In her address to the community, Dr. Sheth appealed everyone to get acquainted with the necessity of ‘bone marrow donations’ and to participate in donation programs.

This year over 300 participants had registered for 12 IAGB competitions. BHS campus was bustling throughout the day as many kids were rushing for multiple competitions. The winners were awarded on the stage during the main cultural program at the hands of the IAGB President and other dignitaries.

All the attendees got to shop around the vendors’ area leading up to the auditorium. It added into the festive mood. Shoppers as well as vendors had a great time of mutually beneficial interactions. Sumptuous food offered by Paani helped everyone to keep going on for hours.

A team of over 25 volunteers and IAGB executive committee members worked together to make this event a great success. IAGB wholeheartedly thanked the volunteers, supporters, advertisers, corporate sponsors, media partners, and the service providers.

“Offering a free event for our Indian American community members wouldn’t have been possible without their help and support,” IAGB said in a statement.

Competition Winners:

                                                                               ART                                                A (Grade K-5) 1.     Dia Paliwal

2.     Krithesh Ramesh Kumar

*Sp.Mention: Anagha Sandeep

                                               B (Grade 6-8) 1.     Ramya Ramanathan

2.     Yashvi Patel

*Sp. Mention: Akshita Aare

D (Age 18+) *Sp. Mention: Laxmi Balcha
                           BOLLYWOOD QUIZ 1.     Radhika Dawra

2.     Sanjeev Kavala


                                               CARROM Junior 1.     Ansh Nadger
                                               Adults 1.     Senthilkumar

2.     Keval Tanna


                                                    CHESS                                                  A (Under 10) 1.     Chirag Prasanna

2.     Aarav Chandak

3.     Sriman Adusumilli


Special (Under 12) Sarvesh Mahadik


                                        B (Under 15) 1.     Aatmaj Nagarkar

2.     Ansh Parekh

3.     Jocelyn Nakka


                                               C (Adults) 1.     Shabeena Riaz

2.     Prashanth Mukkala

3.     Gaurav G. Nair


                                             DEBATE 1.     Ramya Ramanathan

2.     Srivatsan Marimuthu

3.     Ritwik Iyer


                                        DESSERTS Kids 1.     Eva Mehta

2.     Divya Khandelwal



1.     Aparna Karpe

2.     Surekha Soni


                                                  ESSAY A 1.     Sarvesh Mahadik
                                               B 1.     Ramya Ramanathan
                                                         C Anwita Wadekar & Sivapriya Marimuthu


D (Mention) Kavala Gana Sanjeev
                                                        IAGB TeenyTiny SHARK TANK A (Grade 1-3) 1. Indian Lunchables: Abhinav Nambudiri
2. Art Twist: Karishma Mehta
B (Grade 4-5) 1.Mechanical Madness: Jai Chauhan, Ansh Nadger, Reyansh Mamidisatti, Saideep Gunasekaran Visvanathan
2. Magic Muggles: Advik Mathur
                                                          IAGB JR SHARK TANK                                               A (Middle School) 1.     Sweet Science:  Eva Mehta

2.     Keys N Boards: Shiva Kolluri


                        Environmentally-conscious Concepts


1.     Blue Water: Tanya Thomas, Rayhan Riaz, Vaishnavi Pilai

2.     SaveTheEarth: Myra Gupta & Amelie


B (High School)


1.     Rent the Robot: Anish Chidgopkar


                                         Great Concept


1.     Study light:             Ayush Agrawal


                                                MATH JEOPARDY 1.     Arjav Shah

2.     Ashwanth M. Aroon

                                   STORYTELLING A (Grade K-2) 1.     Abhinav Nambudiri

2.     Anagha Sandeep

3.     Ira Chanekar


B (Grade 3-5) 1.     Siddharth Vikram

2.     Dia Paliwal

3.     Anna Arun


                                            POETRY A Kesar Patel
B Ramya Ramanathan
C Siya Singhal



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