On Women’s Day, Manasi Parekh wants her daughter to be a loving person

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Mumbai– Television actress Manasi Parekh on the occasion of Women’s Day, said that she would love to see her daughter Nirvi as a strong woman when she grows up as much as she would want her to be a happy and loving person.

Manasi shares: “I would like to tell Nirvi to become a kind, compassionate and joyful woman when she grows up so that everybody loves to be around her. I would tell her to speak her mind and always make sure that her thoughts and actions are in sync. To be unfiltered and honest, raw and adventurous, and to never diminish her light to keep others happy. I would always want her to be a spark!”

“Also with evolving times the definition of a woman is rapidly changing and in a very positive way. Society now is looking at women very differently. Hence, I’m very glad that my daughter is growing up in a world where women empowerment is at its peak strength. I would love to see Nirvi as an empowered woman in the near future,” added Manasi.

She elaborated further: “I also feel that as a woman the kind of career opportunities that have opened up in the last decade is just brilliant. A woman today can excel in just about any field because there is so much to explore for her. So I would want to see Nirvi take up any career path that interests her because there is multiple scopes for her as a woman to shine in anything that she wants to do in this day and age.” (IANS)


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