Nothing more historic, modern than Ramayana: Kunal Kohli

Kunal Kohli (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Filmmaker Kunal Kohli, whose upcoming film has been titled “Ramyug”, believes the Ramayana has very progressive thoughts which are relevant in the present time.

Kohli announced “Ramyug” here on Thursday in the presence of writer Kamlesh Pandey, music director duo Sajid-Wajid along with Sachin Jootun, the head of Mauritius Film Development Corporation. The film will be shot in Mauritius.

Kunal Kohli (Photo: Twitter)

“I think there is nothing more historic, progressive and modern than Ramayana. We think we are very modern and progressive because of the language we use and see in the films, but the thoughts and your way of life can never be outdated. They will always be modern,” Kohli, who has earlier made films like “Hum Tum” and “Fanaa”.

“Ramyug” writer Kamlesh said that it’s not an easy task to make this film, but he always wanted to write a story inspired by Ramayana.

“I have always been waiting and wanting to write (a story around) Ramayana. Writing this story is a challenge because everyone knows the story and the characters. In our country, history wasn’t recorded at the time and people still think it is mythology and not true, but it is our history.

“There are 200 versions of Ramayana right now. And Ram Katha will always be relevant no matter which date and time we look at it in,” Pandey said. (IANS)


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