Nomination Deadline for IAGB Officers and Directors is Sept. 15

Kaplesh Kumar
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BURLINGTON, MA—Nominations deadline for officers, including president and directors, of the India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB) is Sept. 15, according to IAGB officials.

IAGB President Jaya Voruganti, whose two-year term expires this fall, said that elections will be held at a General Body meeting of IAGB in early October. The date and venue will be announced soon.

Nominations for president, vice president, treasurer and secretary and members of the board of directors who together form the executive committee must reach the following by 6:00 pm on Sept. 15, 2017:  Kaplesh Kumar:;  Avinash Patil:; and Jayashree Voruganti (

IAGB President Jaya Voruganti

IAGB , one of the nation’s oldest Indian-American community organizations, has appointed a three-member nominating committee. All three members of the committee are former IAGB presidents: Kaplesh Kumar (Chair), Shiva Sheel and Rajani Kant.

Traditionally, vice president of the organization has been elected to the position of president in recent years, but about a couple of years ago that changed as there was a contested election.

“Elections are open to everyone,” Voruganti told INDIA New England News. “It is usually the job of Nominating Committee to nominate eligible candidates for each position.”

Anyone running for an office must be a member of IAGB.

The election will be held for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer and fifteen directors

IAGB Nominating Committee Chair Kaplesh Kumar

IAGB members who wish to be nominated to the various positions on the Executive Committee (2017-2019) should submit their nominations to the Nominating Committee Chair Kumar, IAGB president Voruganti or IAGB Secretary Avinash Patil no later than 6 pm Friday, September 15, 2017, according to an IAGB circular.

“The nomination should include the title of the position for which the nomination is being submitted; names, signatures or e-mails and IAGB membership status of those proposing and seconding the candidate (at least SEVEN in total required); and a brief “signed” statement by the candidate accepting the nomination and pledging to abide by the Bylaws of the Association. Only IAGB members whose membership has not expired are eligible to stand for election or nominate and vote for a candidate in the upcoming election,” the circular said.

Preferred method of submitting nominations is via electronic mail (email). Nominations may also be submitted on paper. Email submission is encouraged for logistics and efficiency.

To minimize the number of emails that the Nominating Committee would need to keep track of, the following procedure is recommended:

“Email nominating the candidate should be forwarded to a second person to second the nomination, who will add to it by seconding it and forward the chain of emails with their added support to a third person who will then add his/her support and forward the now extended chain of emails supporting the nomination to a fourth person who will do likewise, and so on; this process is to continue until a total of seven persons have expressed their support for the candidate in a single chain of emails.

After documenting his/her support of the nomination, the seventh person will forward the entire chain of emails to the candidate who will then forward it along with the additional required materials (listed below) no later than 6 pm Friday, September 15, 2017.

The additional materials that the candidate should submit with the entire chain of emails include: (i) a brief bio of the candidate, with particular emphasis on his/her contributions to IAGB in the past, (ii) his/her vision for IAGB, and (iii) how the candidate expects to realize that vision.”



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